Jaq- The Baby

So when I was first living here, John was finishing his last semester of grad school. So, here I was, all alone in a brand new state, not really knowing anyone (within a 45 minute radius). I was in the apartment all lonely every night. I had been missing my kitties that I left at home with my parents. What I wanted more than anything was a kitty of my own to cuddle with and talk to.

Unfortunately, at the time I didn't have the funds that I would need in order to support a kitten in addition to myself, and the unexpected vet bills, etc. that would come along with one.

When John graduated, my financial situation had leveled out and we were back to being able to share most of our groceries so I had a little extra money. Time to get a kitty!

I knew I wanted a black, male, short hair cat. The best two cats my family have had were black, boy kitties. He needed to be short hair because I'm allergic to kitties. I'm still sneezy even after taking allergy medicine, but I can't live without them!

After awhile and much searching, I finally was matched to my kitty! He is named Jaq (pronounced "Jack") after the mouse in Cinderella. The first black kitty was Cinder, the second is Gus (often Gus Gus) and now we have Jaq. Eventually we will get a black puppy (girl) and her name will be Lucy (after Lucifer the black cat in Cinderella)- whether John likes it or not!

SO, here is my baby, right after I got him:

Check out the extra toe! He is a polydactyl. :)

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