Have Your Cake...

Woo hoo! I confirmed with the baker last night. We officially have a cake baker. We will be having a tasting on the Friday after Thanksgiving while we are in NY.

Amy asked us to look at her website and see what flavors we would like to try when we go over to her house. We decided on: Kahlua Fudge with Chocolate mousse filling, white or yellow cake with strawberry filling, and we made a special request for John- a Boston creme flavor of some sort- I'm thinking yellow cake with vanilla custard and chocolate ganache filling. These will all be topped with a buttercream- and Amy's recipe is almost exactly the same as John's mom's and she is willing to test it out on him and see if she needs to modify it for him!

Amy sent me a picture of a cake she did a couple of years ago that is the shape I want- in order to confirm the layer proportions- its perfect!

Amy Mears

Picture this with no green, nothing on top and red ribbon at the bottom of each layer. Yay!

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