The Invitations.. Revealed!

After a few weekends of sporadic work while watching us some football, John and I finished the invitations last weekend. And they went off into the mail yesterday!

The whole suite together:

The invitation:

Text close up- we printed these on the Gocco and then used clear embossing powder on them to raise the text. They turned out perfect- exactly what I wanted. You can kind of see the texture to the text in this picture:

All of the invitations in their wraps:

I wasn't lying about the football:

A closeup:

The RSVP postcard back - these were computer printed on the same linen cardstock that we used for the invitations. :

A refresher of the fronts:

The (blurry) outside of the insert booklet. I created a booklet to hold all of the information that would be on the standard inserts reception, directions/accomodations, map, our website):

A bit of the inside of the booklet:

And a close up of the map I designed - there are little icons for the church, hotels, and reception site:

And all packaged up and ready to go:

Up next: how to DIY these!

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