So, about a week or so ago, I got an email from Noisy Penguin/Laurel at PenguinBot. Early in October, I had signed up to join the PenguinBot mailing list. It turns out that there was also a contest for those who signed up for the mailing list within a certain time period- and I won! I never win anything! The prize was this awesome bag, modeled by Jaq.

The PenguinBot store sells awesome homemade bags- knit, sewn, cute little coin purses, and so on- you can even email Noisy to have her customize one for you! These are awesome for bridesmaid gifts or even your own bridal purse.

All of the above images are items currently in the store at PenguinBot!

Make sure you go check out the store- I've been wanting to order a bag for awhile and got lucky with this one! The one that was the prize is even in my favorite colors!!

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