Hotel Booklets

Another project that I worked on the week of Christmas was the booklets that will go in the hotel bags. The bags will be given to guests as the check in and contain directions to the church (there will be directions from the church to the reception in the programs), snacks, water bottles, Vermont maple syrup (since I am so close to VT), and info on things to do in the area.

The booklets are made from Paper Source recycled wrap paper in our colors. I got this because it is large enough that I could get the length I needed.

The text was printed on cardstock, then cut into squares of the same size for consistency througout the booklet. The first page had a thank you for coming that we signed, the second page was our phone numbers & the number for the airport, the third page was things to do in the area and the last page was directions to church.

I originally attached the text cardstock with permanent tape- this didn't work AT ALL. I went out and bought gluesticks to REattach everything. The glue sticks worked a little better, but they still peel off very easily. UGH. I got frustrated and just gave up.
To finish off the booklets, I tied them with red ribbon.
Last weekend while I was in NY, my mom, sister & I put together the bags and attached the booklets. Those pictures will come as soon as I get them from my mom's camera.

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