Less than a Month..

Man, I am so clever with my post titles..

Anywho. Less than a month. This is what our schedule looks like:

This week-
cleaning out my apartment & continuing to pack
write shower thank you notes- DONE!
grocery store

This weekend-
Friday PM- late at work, bake & cook for Saturday, clean & organize the bathroom
Saturday- bake, cook, Christmas cookie decorating party w/family, clean
Sunday- wedding projects: programs (figure out how to bind!), menus, hotel bag cards

Next Week (12/22)-
Wednesday- half day at work!, make cookie trays, John's mom's house for supper, Christmas Eve at church
Thursday- Christmas!!, open presents, make and eat big yummy breakfast, go to John's mom's for supper
Friday- no work!- at the price of a vacation day :( , clean, pack, make reception seating arrangements
Saturday- to NY: dress fitting/pickup, hair cut, hair and makeup trials, family Christmas stuff
Sunday- back to MD

12/29-12/30- back to work :(
12/31- John's birthday, parties, etc.
1/1- No work!
1/2- back to work :(
1/3 (Saturday)- New Year's family party, get John's brother's car to bring to NY
1/4- final wedding projects: reception place cards, finish up anything..

1/7- to John's apartment after work, pack
1/8- 5 am leave for NY, get to NY, make favors, have pizza supper w/anyone in town
1/9- am: get Amanda, set up reception, get nails did, set up church, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, girls out to Denny's

All written out like that, it looks like a long time- but it is so not. This is what it boils down to:

1 work week
1/2 work week
1/2 work week
1/2 work week

...and a whole bunch of stuff to do in between!

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