Whew- I had a productive weekend.

Thursday was a huge rush to finish all of the Christmas cookies and candy. We were having a cookie party at work on Friday, though we had like 2 days notice- awesome. I was planning on finishing my cookies over the weekend and bringing them in on Monday. Ugh. They got done though.

Friday I secretly did something/got something for John's wedding present. After I finally got home, I finished cleaning, putting stuff away (though there wasn't much left- John had done most of it already).

Saturday was the cookie decorating party! In the am I did a grocery run, baked, made some yummy snacks, cleaned some, etc. Everyone came over and it was so much fun! :) I love having an excuse to bake and cook. I got to use a bunch of new serving pieces from my showers too!

After everyone left, I just chilled for once.

Sunday I went out to Target, Petsmart and Michael's early in the am to finish up shopping before everyone else went out. I was partially successful. I finished up John and Jaq, but couldn't find the Wii game, CD and book that his brothers had requested. (John left work early today though and was able to find them!)

Sunday afternoon, Amanda (MOH) came over and we put a hurting on the menus, and programs. That night I finished the menus and made the hotel bag booklets.

I have pictures of all of this, as well as recipes, so look for lots of picture posts in the next few days!

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