Honeymoon Pt III - St. Thomas

After we went to Nassau on Monday, we sailed for all of Tuesday. On Wednesday we woke up and were already docked in St. Thomas.

We got off of the boat and caught a cab/shuttle to Magen's Bay. Magen's is supposed to be one of the top beaches in the world.

John took this picture from in the water.

After we decided we had our fill of the beach, we caught another cab/shuttle back to the port. On the way, our driver paused a few times to let us take some pictures. Of course the sides of the cab show up in some of the pictures.

When we got back to the port, we ate at a bar/grill there and then did some souvenir shopping. We ended up back on the ship a few hours before we needed to be, but we were both tired and done with shopping/wandering around.

We got a couple of pictures of St. Thomas from the boat in the daylight, and then in the dark before we left.

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