Group Pictures

The guys were able to do some group pictures before the church service. We couldn't because I didn't get my dress on soon enough and then people started showing up..

They did some pictures in the church and then some outside goofing around.

My HUSBAND before the service (from the balcony).

The outside pictures:

In this next series of pictures, you can see John's middle brother in the back gathering a snowball.. apparently he missed pretty hard.. more than once.

The girls:We took this picture in the back room of the church before the service.

Outside after the church service.. and MARRIED!

When we were outside after the service, we did some group girl pictures too. I LOVE these outside pictures in the snow. The girls were all freezing though :( I was fine even in just the little jacket.

After we finished the group outside pictures (and then outside pictures with just John & I), we went inside and did some group pictures back in the church. We had done the outside pictures first because we had about a half hour of sunlight left in the day!

Admire my ring, wenches!

Up next.. family pictures..

All pictures by Keira Lemonis.

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