Valentine's Day!

Everything was so yummy yesterday! I loved being able to just cook all day. We lit candles and put them in our new crystal candle sticks & ate off of the new china. I loved it :)

When I was cooking, John went into the bedroom and came out all dressed in dress pants and a red button up shirt- shoes included. He was holding roses and a bag of dark chocolate truffles.

In a vase that I had.

The flowers sat on the table for our fancy supper :)

This morning when I got up, John got up also. When I came around the corner from the bathroom, John was standing there holding this:

He got me more flowers and candy to prove to me that he doesn't need Valentine's Day to prove to me that he loves me. Cute and gag-worthy eh? So now I've got two bouquets and two kinds of candy to bring to work!!

Our new camera from Christmas finally came to John's parents house on Friday. We picked it up today after church and I've been playing with it this evening.

We also went to public skate this afternoon because... I'M PLAYING HOCKEY ON FRIDAY!!! I got my skates sharpened and bought a new mouthguard. I'm so scared though! I haven't played in like 3 years and I don't know the people I will be playing with or their skill levels. It is a club-like team from John's work. I think it ends up just being pickup hockey once a week, so it should be interesting at least..

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