The Reception - The Rest

After the toasts, salads were brought out. I think this is when we did our mother-son/father-daughter dance. John, my dad and I were none to excited about these dances, so we combined them. This was one less boring thing for everyone else to watch too..

My dad and I pretty much giggled the whole time. A lot of it was about John and his mom trying to ballroom dance with him.

Apparently she was really begging for a spin the whole time- he said no.

After the dances, dinner was brought out. Everyone ate and loved it- the filet was cooked perfectly (according to those beef eaters), which I think is hard to do for a banquet setting.

After John and I ate most of our meals, we started going around and saying hi to all of the tables. It was BORING. And awkward- same conversation at every table.. oi. It was nice to see a lot of people that we hadn't seen in a long time though.

During this time (since it took SO long), general music and dancing started.

My dad and grandma (his mom).

After a bit, the DJ called John and I up to the front to set up the bouquet presentation. I decided ahead of time to give my bouquet to my grandma for having the longest marriage of anyone in the room. An anniversary dance wouldn't have worked since my grandpa is pretty immobile. Since I knew that they had the longest marriage (65 years this year!) I just gave the info to the DJ ahead of time and presented it.

She was all excited to get the bouquet & I figured I wasn't going to do anything with it- she would love it while it lasted. We had a thank you note from her in the mail when we got back from the cruise a week later.

Either the electric slide or the Hokie Pokie- the only two dances I do- the moves are pre-determined!

Some sweet moves demonstrated by my sister.

My mom, dad and sister.

John's little cousin- caught in the act! (More fondue pics to come later!)

John's dad & I- I am not so much a fan of the ballroom dancing...

Us & the groom's cake- Hokie colors & John's cake topper choice.

At the end, the DJ had all of the guests get in a circle on the dance floor and had us get in the middle. He played our first dance song again and made us dance. It was kind of awkward. Oh well.

All pictures by Keira Lemonis.

YD  – (March 4, 2009 at 10:33 AM)  

That's very nice of you to have given your bouquet to your grandma. Your wedding pictures are so beautiful, you are a beautiful bride!

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