An update on my co-worker's mom:

She is still in the ICU, but has been taken out of the induced coma. She is showing coherency and is starting to be able to move in response to people asking her to do things (blinking, etc). She is still on a respirator, but could be taken off of it by the end of the weekend. Things look good, though it will be a long recovery process.

And, a picture of Jaq. I had a couple more, but either Blogger or my internet is being terrible & nothing is uploading. I think this one was a fluke.

Anonymous –   – (March 30, 2009 at 12:05 PM)  

Glad to hear things are looking up for your friend's mom.

And I'm so glad to see another person with a black cat! We adopted two from our shelter and the volunteers there said they always have lots of black cats because people won't adopt them! I think they're gorgeous and our cats couldn't be better!

rab  – (March 30, 2009 at 2:16 PM)  

my prayers continue for your friend & i hope with each day they are a litter closer to recovery...and as for jaq...LOVE him. we had two black cats (they were sisters) mrs. magoo & beatrice...go to my blog, you'll see our menagerie...www.rbgirls.blogspot!!!

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