Deck Transformation!

Well, not so much a transformation as a "pick up" and transplant my seedlings.

I was planning on transplanting everything this morning, but I used a bag and a 1/4 just for the big veggie pots.. and then I was out! John was on his way to the car store and possibly Home Depot/Lowe's, so I called and asked him to get me another big ol bag of potting soil. I took a break to clean the apartment, go to Target, and then spend a couple of hours studying at Panera.

When I got home, there was a bag of soil waiting for me, so I completed transplanting everything, then I cleaned up a little. John got hooks at Home Depot for the bikes and they are finally off of the deck! I bought the cute seat cushions at Target for $8 (for both!), and the red vase I had around.

The last thing I did was bring a white plastic shelf outside from John's closet. It was really just holding crap that could be stacked on itself, and I wanted something to hold my gardening supplies!


Bikes & an orange flower pot from my mom,
plus all of my gardening stuff that has never had a home.

The railing with all of my plants waiting to be potted.
The petunias were just sitting in the window box.

Looking back towards the screen door and the closet door.

And, after:

Hanging bikes! Yay! I had wanted them to hang from the ceiling,
but John said they didn't have the right hooks. This is better than nothing though!

The railing. Below are veggies: 6 tomato plants and a zucchini plant.

Looking back towards the closet door again.

And, my pretty new seat cushions.
We got the chairs and table last year from Target for pretty cheap.

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