From the Klassy Files..

What is this? Well, let's look a little closer...

Ahh, yes. That IS what it looks like. This is our current doorknob for the bathroom. Yes, a Craftsman screwdriver. Why, may you ask is there a screwdriver in lieu of a doorknob? Well, simple. The doorknob fell off... twice. I pull the bathroom door closed (its standard position since a little someone likes the toilet paper), and I hear a "clink" on the other side of the door. Upon using the remaining knob to open the door and see what the noise was, I realize "Hey, there is a doorknob in my hand.. and not in the door." Awesome.

We are waiting for the apartment maintenance people to figure it out. Until then, behold my Klassy doorknob.

Anonymous –   – (May 6, 2009 at 4:31 PM)  

LOL, I love it! Thankfully our boys haven't figured out toilet paper yet. One just likes to chew on regular paper though ... Ah, good times :)

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