On Saturday I left the apartment to meet Amanda for some Melting Pot. I got to the parking lot and my car (the red one) and this is what I saw. Seriously?! I barely got out without scraping my side mirror on the back end of this girl's car. She ALWAYS parks like this too!

Why would you think its OK to just LEAVE the car like this!? I'm not saying that I always park correctly the first time, but if I get out and see that I don't line up with at least one side of my spot, then I get back in the car and re-park. Not only is this chick not straight, she is in my spot! I really wanted to leave her a note, but didn't have any paper.


YD  – (May 18, 2009 at 4:22 PM)  

You should pre-make the note and leave it in your car for next time, and you know there IS going to be next time.

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