It's Been Awhile...

Well, where did I leave off? We went on vacation to Virginia Beach. It was awesome. The hurricane was coming up the coast, so we couldn't go in the water on Saturday, but we had a couple of other good beach days. It poured on Saturday afternoon/night, so that was fun...

Since we came back, I have been SLAMMED at work.
Monday I was here until 8 pm, Tuesday until 8 pm.

Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment, so I left work at 2.
At my doctor's appointment (sports medicine), we looked at my hip x-rays and the doctor showed me how my pelvic bone doesn't align. That may or may not be the issue behind my last 5 (?) years of hip pain. I have to go get an MRI to get more pictures I guess.

After the doctor's office, I went to the house with John and pulled a bunch of nasty chair rail off of the walls while he trimmed a bunch of trees outside. Now we can drive up to the house without having to dodge trees! We've got a tree guy coming out to take down a couple of trees that are too close to the house/roof and a lawn mower guy coming to fix the mower that we inherited. It is a riding mower, so having it fixed (new alternator, battery, oil, blades, etc) is still way cheaper than buying a new one. The model that was left is relatively new and should work for awhile.

Last night I was at work until 11 pm.. awesome. A nice 15 hour work day. Then at 11pm I had to take the metro to the station that I parked my car at. It is a different line than I normally ride, so I had to transfer trains at a station and get on a kind of sketchy line. There are always creepy people on this line.

Last night at approximately 11:30 pm while riding the green line, I got peed on. Yes. Pee. From a man. I was sitting in my seat next to a nice lady when I felt a sprinkle on my arm and heard water falling. I sort of turned to see if someone spilled their water. Nope. I saw a man facing the window peeing. The pee was hitting the window and splashing off. Onto my arm. That wasn't covered with any clothing. Pee on my arm. For the last half hour of the ride home.

Needless to say, as soon as I got home, I didn't even pet my desperate for attention kitty. I got straight into the hottest shower that I could handle and stood there & scrubbed. I wanted to cry.

I fell asleep around 1 am and woke up at 6 am. And here I am at work. I will be taking a half day though since my parents are coming into town. We are tearing down a wall in the house today! I will make sure to take lots of pictures. Next weekend is the painting weekend. I am super excited to see THOSE before and afters!

Kayla  – (August 28, 2009 at 12:52 PM)  

Wow.... I am speechless.... You should probably never ever ride that same line ever again! GROSS! I would have maybe thrown up! lol Have fun this weekend with your parents!

Justine  – (August 28, 2009 at 2:09 PM)  

That is one of the grossest things I've ever heard in my ENTIRE life!!! GAH-ROSSS!!!!

How exciting about your parents coming and getting to work on your house! :)

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