So.. on Sunday I was cooking for the birthday party. Since there were so many dishes going on, I was washing the dishes as I went. Of course, this meant putting the dishes and utensils away also. Like a good girl, I was putting a spoon or something back into the utensil holder next to the stove. It wasn't going in, so what else could I do besides try even harder to jam it in? There are no knives in the container, so the worst that could happen would be a spatula slapping me.

...or a cookie scraper trying to take off my finger. Apparently the stupid cookie scraper/spatula has a BLADE on the end.

My finger
this Source

..and that is two days later, so there has already been significant healing. When I cut it, there was almost instantly blood gushing. I hollered for John and he ran to get me a band-aid. I put the cut under the running water, but as soon as I would move it, more blood gushed! I was petrified that we would have to go to the ER because 1- I have yet to look up where the closest hospital is and 2- Hello! 10 people were showing up for supper in a couple of hours! This was the only time that I have gotten so light headed. It was definitely a combination of the stress and hunger. Throw in a finger that won't stop bleeding and nothing good will happen.

Luckily, after wrapping it tightly and a couple of band-aid changes, the blood slowed down. Now the cut has sealed itself back up and is doing nicely.

The end.

Justine  – (October 21, 2009 at 6:45 PM)  

Jon cut his finger really badly once while doing dishes. It bled for an hour and a half. After the first half hour I told him if it bled for two hours we were going to the ER. He ended up okay, too! :)

Glad your finger is healing!

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