Weekend Recap

We woke up at 4:30 am (!) and got in the car to head down to Blacksburg. We arrived, had breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes and bacon) with my sister and her boyfriend, got on the drunk bus, and headed over to the stadium. The Hokies whupped up on BC. We headed back, changed, and went for supper with my sister and her boyfriend. And drove home. The 5 hours home.
Recap- Up at 4:30 am. Home at 11 pm. 10 hours in the car. 7.5 hours in Blacksburg. Hokies owned BC.

We got up and headed over to Ikea! The plan was to get in on the free breakfast that they were offering over the weekend, but it ended at 10:30 and we were lazy. And Ikea is 45 minutes away. We had lunch instead- I got delicious noodles & marinara and John had a buffalo chicken wrap. Plus we shared the amazing chocolate cake.

What was on the list? A pantry, something for behind the sofa, lights for the office, hallway and dining room, sheers for the office, a front door mat- if there was anything else on the list, I haven't a clue what it is as I lost my list in the store.

The results:

A pantry!! It's red (more red than the picture- we still have the sticker thing on the door)! It is actually part of one of their entertainment centers- the Besta line. We chose this one because it is shorter than the actual pantry that I was looking at- making space to get the microwave off of the counter and there is still room for shelves above to hold my cookbooks. It was cheaper, worked better, and RED! Sold.

Of course we had to buy the shelves to go over the unit.

Oh snap.. look at all of that storage. All of the crap from the counters is now hidden!

Microwave-free counter!

We also got a thing for behind the sofa for my library books and eventually our shoes and work bags.

The Expedit unit. Its a mess now.

We had a big fail in lighting though. John and I couldn't agree on anything. I will keep stalking Overstock.

After we got home on Sunday, we built the pantry and shelf and I was still feeling ambitious, so I painted the second coat on the trim in the office. And the third coat. Whee!

WHITE trim! NOT Miami green! Oh! And notice the white switch plate. It used to be wood. John got me that present from Home Depot. He's a high roller.

I also painted the window! When the trim was white, the window looked gross and dingy. At least it will only take 2 coats, versus the 3 on the green trim.

extra bedroom by humphreyswedding.
Green trim! Green chair rail! Green window! (You can kind of see it behind the curtains)

Yum.. litter boxes. (I should note that there are two for ONE cat because he is SO weird.. Jaq uses one for the specific purpose of peeing and one for pooping. Like he poops, climbs out of the box, climbs into the pee box and THEN pees.)

ALSO, on Sunday I spray painted all of the radiator/vent covers in the house. Well except for the kitchen one because I forgot it. They used to be a variety of colors, off white/dirt, rusted out brass, GREEN (see above). I bought a can of Rustoleum's white lacquer spray paint and after a good cleaning, sprayed those suckers.

For about $5 I had several like-new (matching!) radiator/vent covers.

I tried to find a before picture for this one, but apparently I strategically cropped it out of all pictures.

Anywho, here is the after!

Meredith  – (October 13, 2009 at 7:38 PM)  

Seriously, I'm totally impressed by all your progress! There is NO WAY we would have accomplished this much already!

Kristin  – (October 13, 2009 at 9:50 PM)  

I LOVE that behind the sofa organizer!

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