A New Driveway!

For the last couple of months we have been parking on the front yard in front of the house. If it rained we would spin our tires and get stuck or tear up the lawn. If we had checked the weather beforehand, we were able to park way out at the road (and walk through the mud to the house).

Well friends, that is done and over with! As of last night, we officially have a driveway!

Monday the guys from the landscaping company down the street (who also previously gave us an AWESOME deal on a yard cutting and clean up), came to the house and dug up the yard where we had marked out the driveway.

In this picture, you can kind of see where we had been parking.
Also- way up at the road? Yeah.. that is where we had to park in the rain.

The driveway cut out from the road to the house.

Yesterday, the landscaping guys came back and laid down the black landscaping fabric (to prevent weed growth) and put down our gravel!


(Picture my red car parked next to John's.)

Little kitty eyes greeted John when he got home yesterday.

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