Weekend Recap

Well friends, it was a productive one (even though the Caps didn't wrap up round one on Friday!).

-I started off with my step aerobics class- It was awesome. 55 minutes straight of cardio and I felt good! I love burning those calories.

-I headed to the farm supply store (okay, I had a pit stop at Mickey D's first for a mocha frappe and sausage mcmuffin with a coupon for breakfast/lunch) and got some essentials so that I could FINALLY get my garden in. I picked up some fertilizer and tomato plants! Since I was so busy in March and early April studying for my exam, I didn't get a chance to start my seeds inside this year. I'm going to attempt to start everything but the tomatoes from seed outside.

-I rushed home and completed the essential task of clipping my nails and got my tush outside to try and get as much in the garden as possible before the rain that was threatened for all weekend arrived. I did it! I got all of my rows hoed out and got everything in. Woo hoo! It is such a relief to have all of that done.

-While I was gardening, John went to his parents' to pick up their van. He came home and loaded. LOADED. it up with random yard debris that the previous owner had lying around. A grill (propane tank still attached) that had been in a mound of shrubs, LOTS of wood, drywall, etc. Our yard never looked so clean.

We followed up Saturday night with a hot date night- returning the van, Kohl's to use a coupon, Friendly's for supper (to use up all of my extra calories burnt while gardening) and then Home Depot. Wooo hoo!

-We made out AWESOME at Kohls. John got a new pair of sneakers, I got a work shirt, a sweater ($7.60 people!), 2 work out shirts, a pair of work out capris, a sports bra, and a nike workout jacket. All of this for our monthly shared clothing budget of $100! I had a 15% off of total purchase coupon AND we got $20 Kohl's cash to use anytime now!

Home Depot was ridiculous. We got a bunch of lumber (for me to make new shutters), 22 concrete sidewalk pavers and 10 bags of pebbles. We also got 3 gallons of paint (door, trim- exterior), and edging for the sidewalk. Remember how we drive small cars? Yeah.. Toyota Corolla pick up truck. We had a fun ride home.. the car looked like it was about to take off.

Low backend...

Sunday was more of the same.
-Grocery shopping followed up by John cutting out the sidewalk and building it (pictures to come soon!) and I was in the shop cutting all of the wood for our new shutters.

-I started to assemble them but 1) we only have so many clamps and 2) the glue was taking FOREVER to dry! Seriously! Blah. Maybe tonight I can get together two more pieces!

Anywho, that was our wild and fun weekend. We are very exciting people. Productive at least...

Mrs. Bear  – (April 28, 2010 at 10:07 AM)  

Caps play tonight! We are going to watch it at one of the 395879385 Greene Turtles around here! GO CAPS!

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