The Incredible's Incredible Home

As an interior designer, one of the most exciting things I will ever get to do (you know, other than marrying my best friend and eventually having babies) is design my own home.

In 5 or so years, our plan is to add an addition onto our home that will most likely double, if not triple our square footage. The addition will contain a new kitchen, dining, living room, finished basement, bedrooms, bathrooms- basically it will be an entire home.

Obviously one of the first steps to take towards the addition is determining what style we will create. The style will effect more than just the furniture and decor- it will also present itself in the space plan and architecture of the house!

I have always been drawn toward modern design, but my true love is mid century modern (with a bit of Danish modern thrown in there). Our house will be a fusion of all three, but without being too "out there" since my husband is a very straight forward mechanical engineer- the house can't be too "weird."

(via Freshome)

(eek! I can't remember where I saved this from!)

If I had to give an example of a movie home that describes my style, it would be the home of the Incredibles, Bob and Helen Parr in Disney/Pixar's movie. The home is colorful and modern with the perfect touches of mid century styling and Danish modern furniture.

Check out the awesome Danish modern furniture!

The image on the left shows awesome frameless corner glass windows.

An initial rendering of the home's exterior.

If you had to pick a "movie" home to describe your style or dream house, which would it be?

Faith  – (June 23, 2010 at 1:20 PM)  

I am in love with Carrie and Big's apt in SATC 2! Absolutely love everything about the decor!

Meredith  – (June 29, 2010 at 11:14 AM)  

I always loved the houses in "Because I Said So". They were so eclectic and fun!

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