Addition-al Thoughts

While I have been MIA, John and I have been thinking a lot about our addition. As I mentioned earlier, we recently re-financed for an extra interest rate point- 4.25%! This will save us a couple hundred dollars a month that we have decided to add to our monthly house fund savings.

Our original (quick!) sketch when we were going to add a second floor. You can see the double sided fireplace that we will still incorporate.

With all of the thinking about the house fund, we have been trying to look ahead and plan our scheduling for the addition.. It is looking like 3 years we will have enough cash start and mostly finish! We have been sketching floor plans and trying to figure out what we want.

We are going to just add on a single level in an L-shape back from our house. The addition's foundation will be a basement that we will eventually finish for our guest room, a bath, and our football room- in addition to the garage!

You can see our existing house on the left- it ends about where John has sketched the double doors. Everything from there to the right and back will be new (living room/family room, dining room, master bedroom & half bath).

For the main level, the addition will contain the enlarged part of the kitchen, the living room, dining room (all open to each other) and the master bedroom/bathroom- plus a half bath. The three existing bedrooms will be the kiddie rooms.

Possibly living room sketch.

Since it is important for me to conserve resources, I am so glad we are able to create all of the spaces that we will need and not have a ton of excess- some house are so goofy with all of their formal rooms that are never used! Our dining room will be open to the living room and kitchen. The dining room table will be where we eat our family dinners, but I do want to make sure we have enough room to seat a bunch of people for holidays or parties! I am thinking that the best way to do that will be with a drop leaf table. I am really liking this table:

Domitalia Matisse Dining Table in Wenge

It's modern and has really clean lines, but will still fit in with our mid-century home.

Look for more addition posts coming up. I am trying to look ahead so we can budget and space plan correctly. I don't want to get the addition built and THEN realize that my dream sofa won't fit!

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