The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

..that's right y'all! It's Christmas card time!!

I've started my yearly research to decide
a) do I want to design and make my own cards or
b) do I want to buy them (and where?)

In either case the cards will be photo cards since, you know, I like pictures. I designed our cards last year, but dudes I just don't feel like it this year.

My go-to for photo-related things (like when I had wedding pictures printed) is Shutterfly. You know how pumped I was when I realized that they have Christmas cards already designed? Very. All I have to do is dump my picture(s) in them! (Okay and maybe change the last name - the Williamsons look very nice, but it just doesn't fit us.)

I am partial to this one. Does the color scheme look familiar? Yeah.. that whole wedding thing.

Anywho-sers. I'm headed back to browsing the Christmas cards. And deciding what picture(s) to use this year. I kind of covered the wedding and house last year. I don't suppose anyone would like a Christmas card with the new bathroom photos on them? No? Okay.. I'll keep looking.

If any of my friendsies out there have a blog too, you can get 50 FREE holiday photo cards from Shutterfly!! Go here to sign up!

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