Clumsy-Butt Dog

Seriously... somehow we adopted the clumsiest dog .EVER. When John was away for work in April or May she was digging outside and somehow dug up glass and cut her paw. Blood.Everywhere. Apparently dog paws bleed a lot. I know now.

When John was gone in October she randomly came inside with those scratches on her face. I am pretty sure she wacked herself with a stick - she carries them around in her mouth and flings them from side to side while she is running. (Seriously... we don't leave her outside for extended periods of time either, especially not alone. She somehow always does this in like a 10 minute romp around the yard.)

Last week John was outside with her and he looked over at her because she was just laying in the yard- pretty strange for her. When he looked a little closer he saw shiny red on her leg. Yep.. Blood... oh and muscle. Awesome. I was at work and got a frantic call from him asking me to call the vet and see if they were still there because he needed to take her in RIGHT AWAY. Of course the vet was walking out the door, but being the awesomest ever (definitely brought her a HUGE tray of cookies on Saturday) she delayed picking up her kids and stayed to fix up my puppy.

Unsure of this thing on her head.

One surgery, 2 types of anesthetic (shot and gas), 20 staples and $900 later we had a fixed up (and very loopy) puppy.

20 staples.
She wouldn't lay down or even sit for 30 hours... and didn't sleep for that long. I went back the next day and the vet gave me a new pain killer with a sedative in it.

Neither slept that night and got caught up as soon as the sedative was in her.

She has to wear the cone of shame for 2 weeks until she gets the staples out and can't use stairs, exercise or play. Hello.... our fenced yard that she pees in? Down stairs. We have to take her on a leash in the front yard to pee. Sweet.

She is only a year old! She is still SO HYPER and NEEDS to play. That sedative is a LIFE.SAVER. I could get used to her like this....

Mrs. Bear  – (November 19, 2011 at 10:48 AM)  

Awww poor puppy!!! The cone of shame sure does suck.

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