3.2 for 32 Remembrance Run

On Saturday I was in Blacksburg to participate in the 3.2 for 32 Remembrance run. I have wanted to run this since they started it (in 2009); however I was never in shape enough to run it and didn't want to drive the 5 hours to just walk it. This year marked the 5 year anniversary of our horrible day and it made me so proud that I was able to be there for the run and remembrance.

All of the runners were given t-shirts, bibs to write who you were running for and a balloon. Following a moment of silence, 32 white balloons were released and then all of the participants released thousands of orange and maroon balloons. It was so awesome. (All of the balloons and strings were biodegradable.)

Running the race was so surreal.. running on the course that took us through and past portions of campus that 5 years ago I was literally RUNNING to get to a car to get off campus when we got the all clear following the shootings. We didn't know what was going on out there and had to get to a vehicle as soon as possible. It was all I could think of as I was running in those same places again.

There were almost 7,000 runners and walkers that participated in this event- by far my largest "race". There were many portions along the route that were very tight and everyone had to walk, but the Hokie spirit was strong! Throughout the entire course you could hear shouts of "Let's GO!" and then... "HOKIES!" I loved it. The hills were killer but they were made up for by the portion of the course that went through the tunnel into the football stadium where we got to touch the Hokie stone and then run around the field.

In the tunnel.
 The race finished near the memorial that is on the drillfield - after the finish there was orange and maroon covering the drillfield.

I can't wait to do this every year now that I can run. I can't wait to bring John next year. I can't wait to bring our kids to this. It is an awesome way to remember our 32 Hokies that we lost.

For some more (non cell phone) pictures, check out the Roanoke Times.

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