Hershey Half Marathon

Hershey half marathon complete. 

Quick recap in photos:

Obligatory Enter Sandman before the race.

Apparently I do a weird thing with my hands while I'm running.

Chocolate aid station at mile 11.5 Reese's Fast Breaks!

John's favorite sign for the day.

And finishing as the world's slowest runner.

Done. With a temporary tattoo on my wrist, a medal around my neck and protein bar in my mouth.

Overall this was a fun race, but pretty darn hilly. Plus, my garmin said I ran 13.42 miles! Jeez! That is more than a little off. Lots of people on the facebook wall said that they had further distances too. So my official time is 2 minutes slower than my last half, but my average pace was only :01 off from the last one. My time makes it look like I was A LOT worse than I was.

I made the terrible mistake of going out too fast. I kept telling myself to slow down, and I thought I was, but apparently not. I slowed pretty hard at the end.

My next race is a Thanksgiving day Drumstick Dash, then I have a 5-miler lined up for December. I might add a Candy Cane Dash 5k in the beginning of December too. After that... DISNEY! I am planning on joining a half training group for my early spring half (Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon/Anthem half). Hopefully they have speed training tips...

Debsdailylife  – (October 23, 2012 at 1:05 PM)  

I did this one too!! My garmin said 13.31 I thot I did a POOR job of running the tangents!! I totally agree!! I was not prepared for the many many many hills!!!

Justine  – (October 23, 2012 at 9:26 PM)  

Wooo!! Good for you!! I really want to get back into running, but it's SO HARD to get started!!

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