CSA: Week 5

This was the last week of our CSA until the late winter one begins again in February or March. I don't think we will do the CSA again just due to the cost of it. I loved getting different veggies every other week and trying out new things, being forced to try new recipes. John is less adventurous and was not a fan.

Because it was the last week, they threw in a bunch of extras and goodies. It would make it a lot easier to pay for the CSA if all of this was included every week though!

-3 lbs sweet potatoes
-1 lb brussels sprouts
-1/2 lb mushrooms
-3 beets
-8 carrots
-2 lbs green beans
-5 onions
-1 head garlic
-5 golden delicious apples
-5 red apples of a non-remembered variety
-1 loaf Great Harvest whole wheat bread
-1 dozen eggs
-1 jar natural honey made at the farm!
-1 lb bag of local caramel popcorn!
-jug of local apple cider!

With Thanksgiving in the middle of next week, this food should tide us over for awhile! I bet I end up freezing some!

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