My Wish List

Since yesterday I was giving some wish list ideas made up of my favorite items, I thought I would share a few things from my current wish list too!

 -A new 5th gen. iPod touch

My current touch is a 3rd gen and it has gotten to the point where I cannot update the operating system anymore, which in turn leads to not being able to update or get new apps. Apps shut down on me all of the time since I am a couple of operating systems behind now. Boo. Oh.. and? This one has a camera!!

-iHome to go with my iPod

I would love the option to set music to be my alarm, or even have a clock radio.

-Compost Bins

I would love an outside compost bin, and sure I could probably make one, but it hasn't happened. I would like a small one for under the sink too, for transporting outside.

-KitchenAid Grinder

The grinder attachment would make my bulk applesauce production a lot easier than my hand food mill. I canned 24 pints of applesauce this year- that is a lot of hand turning.

-A grill pan

Burner sized with a handle- I almost always make turkey burgers, so I do not need the Foreman to remove the fat.. Also, I like paninis a lot and the Foreman just doesn't work for those- a grill pan with a heavy pan on top will do the trick (the Rachael method).

-Pampered Chef Skinny & Classic Spatulas

I have gotten rid of all but two of my spatulas. They were breaking, getting stained, etc. I have one Pampered Chef classic spatula and don't think I'll ever go back. The top is sealed to the bottom so no grime can get under the top. The spatula is heat resistant and doesn't stain. I use them like crazy and it hasn't broken either. Plus- the sizes are just really perfect, with no weird edges or cups.

-Caps car sticker (or this!)

Hockey may have been cancelled so far, but I still love the Caps. (I actually grew up on D1 college hockey, which I miss a ton, but since MD is out of the college hockey loop, I have adopted the Caps.)

-Oh, and this little ring. ;)

(I do have any anniversary coming up too!)

Faith  – (December 14, 2012 at 10:17 AM)  

i want a grill pan too!

ooh yay for anniversaries!

i hope you get lots from your wish list ;)

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