Lane Is: One Month

Lane is one month old!

-9 lbs 2 oz (yes, this is a gain of 2 pounds in 3 weeks.)- 50%
-22.25" long (2" since birth)- 75%
-Exclusively breastfed
-Was in newborn clothes until 3 weeks and then moved into 0-3
-Still has blue eyes
-Nurses every 3ish hours, day and night.
-Will take or leave the pacifier- both Mam and Soothie styles.
-Sleeps in the Rock n Play next to our bed. He spits up a decent amount and when I inclined the bassinet mattress he would just slide to the bottom. Plus I think the Rock n Play is a little more cozy for him.
-He has started waking up more- he has awake periods during the morning and afternoon/evening. We do tummy time and read books. Sometimes he will just sit in the Rock n Play or Boppy and look around, often flailing his legs and arms since he hasn't yet realized that he has control of them.
-I have seen a few almost smiles.
-We got the all clear from the cardiologist and can cross one specialist off of our list. This is one area I am glad he doesn't take after me in!
-Lane has been in cloth diapers since just before 2 weeks. Right now we use newborn sized prefolds and covers during the day and newborn All in Ones overnight.
-He likes riding in the car and falls right asleep as long as we are moving.

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha  – (March 14, 2014 at 4:27 PM)  

Falling asleep in the car still works for my son and he is 3! If he is really tire, he would be asleep in less than a minute!
Good job mama!

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