The First Two Months

We have been blessed with such an EASY baby. (I am afraid saying that will jinx myself.) He never had days and nights mixed up, he has never had a problem latching or nursing, and I would say he sleeps really well for a newborn. I am just going to say that the easy baby part is to compensate for the horrible hospital experience.

So far we have just been taking Lane's lead with sleeping and it has worked out really well. Around 7 weeks, he started to clearly tell us he needed an actual bedtime that was around 8:30. In the last two weeks we have been doing that and even the last couple of days he is moving closer to a 7:30 bedtime. Since he has been going to be earlier, he more consistently has a longer first stretch of sleep, then one wake up and then up again 3-4 hours later- at around 5:30 or 6 am. Usually I have just been getting up for the day at that point since I prefer to be up earlier and Lane is happiest that time of day. Naps are starting to get more defined (yay!).

I have had a really good c-section recovery. I was never really too sore, other than my incision. I was able to stop taking pain killers about a week after surgery. The only hiccup was around 4 and 5 weeks when a portion of the incision popped open (just the skin) and was bleeding a little bit each day. A little bacitracin and gauze each day, and it was healed a week later.

Nursing has gone so well. I don't know if I have just read so many horror stories, but I was really prepared to have to fight with breastfeeding. Then when we couldn't do skin to skin right away, couldn't try latching ASAP, and Lane was started on a bottle and then pacifier before breast... well I thought we were doomed. Not so. Every time he has latched right away and he hasn't had a problem. My milk luckily came in, thanks to the pump, and so far my supply has been able to keep up with him. I was worried for a few days this week because he was yelling and pulling on me, but I think it was just a growth spurt since he had a good amount of pee diapers still. I am SO GRATEFUL that this is working out.

 I've started running again and thankfully it is coming back a LOT quicker than I expected. I haven't run since I think September. My first run out I was able to do a full mile (and honestly probably could have gone more, but I held back). My second run was 2 miles and I still felt good. YAY! I was dreading doing Couch 2 5k again since it is such a long program.

Lastly... I am back on the Weight Watchers train. Last winter/spring I had lost over 20 lbs on Weight Watchers before I got pregnant. Pregnancy weight was.. rough. I was pretty good until 3rd tri- I got so swollen and gained a ton of weight. I stopped weighing myself, but I believe I gained around 60 lbs. Yikes. By my two week postpartum appointment, I had lost about 15 pounds, and at 6 weeks postpartum I had lost 25 total. SO... I have around 35 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, plus another 15 or  20 on top of that. So far so good- I have lost about 3 or 4 pounds in the last 3 weeks.


We are all still adjusting to our new life. Lucy is always beside her baby, Jaq is pretty indifferent and will sniff Lane and lay on me while I nurse, but doesn't lay with him on purpose.

John is still working in the house 7 days a week so at some point maybe we will feel more like an actual family of 3! Ha! I do look forward to the next baby when I won't feel guilty handing it off to John on weekends or after work.

The house is coming along- this winter has been a lot of interior wiring and plumbing that doesn't look like much but takes a long time. We should be able to get the rough in inspections soon though! Oh and our new hvac will go in soon too! Then... Drywall and insulation- that's when it will actually start to look like a finished house!

However; in general, I have not felt as much in the "right place" as I do now, since I moved to Virginia and transferred to Virginia Tech. I am just.. content and happy and loving where we are right now..

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