How we Met

In August 2004, I transferred to Virginia Tech to major in interior design. John was beginning his sophmore year of school as well, majoring in mechanical engineering.

Our awesome campus.

A few weeks into the school year, I became friends with some guys from the other end of the dorm hall and they had a friend with crazy poofy hair. (I was not a fan of the hair.)

Who ever told him this was a good idea?

After hanging out as a group for awhile, we found out that we both shared an interest in Christian music, Adam Sandler movies and football (amongst other things).

For some strange reason, we have a million pictures

of me making this face at John- that could be a whole post on its own..

Eventually, after months of being friends and hanging out, it was decided that we were dating (and probably had been for awhile). There was no official first date or beginning.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we met through these other friends because we were going to be roommates? Yeah.. that was fun to explain to my parents.

Because we didn't want the next year's living situation to be awkward for our friends (and soon to be roommates), we never really told them that we were dating, in case we broke up. We didn't lie to them, but we just never told them.

About 5 months later, after we spent every waking moment together (and the roommates knew we spent that much time together) one day one of them jokingly asked me if we were dating. I was like "uhhh.. yeah".. I thought he was kidding me because by this point I assumed they had figured it out. Apparently not.. Oh well- they didn't care.

John and I then lived together (with other roommates) for the next 2.5 years at school, until I graduated.

When I did, I moved here to Maryland to wait for him to finish up. Currently we are in two separate apartments, and are very ready for that to end. Its hard having two houses when for the majority of our relationship he was right down the hall!

Hi Hokie Bird!!

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