The Proposal

So, how did we end up engaged?

John played a bit of a trick on me...

He had the ring for a few weeks before staying home sick from work one day. He hadn't really had a plan and since he was home and could get to my apartment before I got home from work, he decided to propose that day.

When I got home from work, John wasn't parked in the driveway behind my car, or anywhere else on the street, so I figured he wasn't there yet. I even looked around and was a little sad that he wasn't there yet- the thought EVEN crossed my mind that maybe he was hiding to surprise me. I unlocked (and because I had to unlock it, I assumed that he wasn't there) the apartment door and as I opened it, I saw a bunch of candles lit and John standing sheepishly in the corner with red roses (at the end of a path of the candles! aww!).

Please excuse the random picture frame people in the red frame.

I thought at this point that he was just doing something nice to surprise me since he was home and had time. I had my lunch bag & recyclables in my hands so I asked him if I could go to the kitchen to put them down- way to ruin the romantic moment! I came back to the living room and stood in front of him wondering what he was doing.

John then got down on his knee- I was baffled. I don't even remember what he said since I was trying to process everything still.. He was upset since I got home earlier than he expected and apparently he didn't get to light all the candles that he had set up. I didn' t even notice!

So when he got down on his knee the first thing he said (and the only thing I remember) was "Sunshine, this is the me you get- the one who can't ever do anything right". I wouldn't have even noticed all the candles weren't lit if he hadn't said anything- oh well.

At the end of his speech he asked me to marry him and I told him I'd have to think about it- and right away said yes. He gave me my ring and we were engaged!

Up next- how we picked a date!

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