January 10, 2009

John proposed on August 7. 2008. I wanted to get married in the winter since we would be able to save a bit of money, and to be honest, I was sick of living in this apartment away from him- not to mention spending SO much money on rent times two (thanks high cost of living DC!).

After he proposed, I cooked us some supper (Mexican?) and then we sat down and watched a little tv. We started talking dates- our 4 year "anniversary" (we never had a first date or anything- this is the day about a month after we started hanging out that we decided we should have a day to celebrate) was going to be a Sunday in December; however it was too close to Christmas. Any earlier in December, my sister wouldn't be home from school yet. So, we moved to the January calendar. I saw January 10- it was a nice round number, college football was over and my sister wouldn't be back at school yet. Perfect.

Next step was to call my parents. They knew because John had asked them permission when we were home in NY a few weeks earlier, but they didn't know when it was going to happen. We let them know we were engaged (and had a date as long as the church was available!). John's parents didn't find out for several days because they were on a cruise! Once we confirmed the date with our parents, we called the pastor and the church was all ours!

I still feel like this isn't really happening- we got engaged a month and a half ago and we are getting married in 3 and a half months! We will be engaged for 5 months total- not a long time, but my mom and I are both pretty efficient. The planning has begun!

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