Now What?

So.. my favorite color is red- right away I knew that I wanted that to be a main color in the wedding. Since I am a designer and the designer of our relationship (not to mention that John couldn't care less), it was decided.

I wanted a garden wedding- in January? Ha. Instead of going with the instinctual red, black, and white, I chose red & brown. I hope that the brown will balance out some of the brightness of the red and lend a bit of a "garden" feeling.

The brown shows up mostly in the stationary through the use of kraft paper- yup that stuff that feels like paper bags. I really like kraft paper because it is recycled! Since we are going to be using and creating so many paper products, why not make them as environmentally friendly as possible!?

Also, from the beginning we knew we didn't have a huge budget, so while we weren't going to be stingy, we want to cut corners as much as possible. This means lots of do it yourself (DIY)! That is A-OK with me. I love crafting and will share here as many of my projects as possible!

Here is my finished idea board:

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