I feel like I was a bit productive this weekend, but not as much as I would have liked to have been.. football Saturdays tend to get in the way of my productivity. That and I was all sneezy and the Benedryl put me right out...

Saturday I assembled our insert booklets (more on this to come soon!) and then Sunday, John and I printed the addresses on all of our invitations envelopes, he stamped our return address with a custom stamp and I hand wrote all of the guests/invitees names on the RSVP postcards. Whew. I promise I'll have pictures and posts on these soon...

Today's decision though- the cake. Originally we were going to just buy one. After a couple of quotes at $400 for a 3 tier cake that feeds around 100 people- plain, smooth buttercream with a ribbon at the bottom of each layer- I couldn't come to grips with the cost. My mom and I decided we would just make it ourselves. Its simple and plain- I mean how much easier could it get? Plus- bonus!- we could use John's favorite family buttercream recipe.

Well.. today I got an email from my mom that she didn't think she was up to making the cake (in addition to a couple possible grooms cakes), so I emailed one of the bakers (from my church) back and asked if she was still available.

The plus side to this is that we get to do tastings!! Woo hoo for cake!

I, for some reason, have an aversion to all things curvilinear- this made my decision to have a square cake very easy. We decided on a 3 or 4 tier square cake with smooth buttercream and a simple red ribbon at the base of each tier. That's it- simple & easy.

Some ideas that I liked (the proportions of the layers and/or the colors):

I love the proportions of the layers on this cake, along with its simplicity.
This would probably be my first choice if I went with a round cake.

This cake also has perfect layer proportions- not too wide and nice and tall.
I also love how squared off the edges are.

I doubt we will have flowers between the layers though.

I love how the cake is sitting in grass.
This wouldn't work so well for our winter wedding though I think.

This cake is by the coolest guy ever (besides John...), DUFF!! He cracks me up and just seems like he would be so nice. Since we live so close to Baltimore, I would LOVE to have a cake made by him someday.. hint hint.

I love how architectural this cake is- and the flowers spilling out from between the two layers! *sigh* Since we are using so many tulips, I would LOVE to do this. I am going to ask the florist about it when I meet with her in November.

I definitely want to get a candy mold and make chocolate "H"s (our new last initial) to put on all of the cake plates. I think it would be a cute and easy (cheap!) detail to incorporate.

So there you go.. are you hungry yet?

Several of these images are not credited- if they are yours, or you know whose they are please let me know, so that I can give them credit!!

Anonymous –   – (October 21, 2008 at 4:56 PM)  

$1000 minimum - don't hold your breath

The Long Haul  – (October 21, 2008 at 6:50 PM)  

No way- we already have 2 quotes for $400. We would DEFINITELY be making the cake ourselves if it was $1000 min.

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