In order to keep our January wedding from becoming too stereotypically "winter", especially with our use of red, we are incorporating brown accents. I am hoping that the brown breaks up the red and softens the palette. Touches such as mason jar centerpieces, textured flowers and wood will add a bit of a rustic garden feeling without confusing people.

The centerpieces will be a pint mason jar with several stems of white tulips (enough to fill the mouth of the jar). Surrounding the mason jar will be 3 smaller jelly jars (these have the quilted pattern on them) that will have a red votive holder and a votive inside. Since we are borrowing the mason jars (woo saving money!), I didn't want to get wax all over people's jars so they couldn't use them again. Underneath the centerpieces we will have a red table runner (that is actually a chair sash from Quality Chair Surrounding the mason jars, we are hoping to gather some brownish river rocks.

The image on the left is how I want the tulips to be- nice and tight, but only a few.

My mom couldn't quite picture the mason jar idea when I told her about it, so she did a mockup with flowers that she had in the garden. Don't mind the pink. :)

This is probably the closest to what the layout will be- I plan on squishing the jelly jars in closer to the pint jar with the flowers though.

And this is what the votive holder looks like. I got them for $1 each fro Jamali Garden.

Several of these images are not credited- if they are yours, or you know whose they are please let me know, so that I can give them credit!!

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