Dress Shopping - Part II

After the first round of venue searching, my mom and I headed to a discount bridal shop in the area. We got to the store (eventually- talk about making it hard to find an entrance!) and I told the ladies a specific dress that I had my eye on (for awhile)- Casablanca 1831:

Casablanca 1831

The ladies pulled the dress out for me and I tried it on. I loved it. It was flattering and simple.
Looking at these pictures though, I am GLAD I didn't choose this dress- the back is not so hot on me.

The next dress I didn't really want to try on, but they asked me to since it was similar to the 1831. I agreed, and am lucky that I did. It ended up being my dress! I never felt an "angels singing" moment, but I didn't really expect to. I loved the dress, it was comfortable, everything I was looking for and I didn't want to try on dresses anymore.

John don't look! I will fight you!

I got the Casablanca 1908.

And here she is on me:

The front- sparklies and a wrap top with a dropped waist. The dress is ivory with blush pink accents. The torso area is pleated with the ivory and pink (which is very muted). This dress was a size too small for me, so its a little rough looking.

The back is pretty awesome- very Cinderella-y. I think it will look sweet with e french/under bustle.

I was never a fan of pick-ups (the gathered areas), but this dress has so few that I don't end up looking like a cupcake:

Oh- yeah- we are DEFINITELY crossing the straps in the back. Suh-weet.

I knew I was on a short timeline for the whole dress ordering thing. I had less than 5 months (which I think is about the amount of time it takes on average to get a dress ordered). Yikes. Casablanca makes the dresses as the orders come in, so that adds a little extra time to the order, not leaving very much time at all for shipping or alterations.

Since the dresses are made to order, I had the option of paying something like $30 more and having them make the dress to my exact measurements. We did this, and if all goes well, I won't NEED alterations.

Right now, the dress is scheduled to ship the week before Christmas. Yes, a couple of weeks before the wedding. I have a plane ticket to go to NY the Saturday after Christmas to try it on, get any necessary alterations and a bustle. Hopefully it doesn't get lost in the mail!

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