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On our trip home to NY, John and I looked at reception sites with my mom. Reception sites make me nervous since so many have the hotel/ballroom look- busy carpet patterns, awkward wall colors/wallpaper, etc. The goal was to find something cheap, and relatively simple looking.

Our first stop was Eagle Crest Country Club.

The event manager was not in while we were there, but we were able to meet the chef. He also let us into the reception space to look around. It was really pretty, laid out nice and had good prices. I did not like that the main entrance was a bit hard to find, and the chairs were a little unattractive. Also, one of my cousins was married there a couple of years ago- not a big deal, but it would be nice to give family another experience. The biggest con though, was that it is about 45 minutes or so away from the church- which wouldn't ordinarily be a big deal, BUT many people will be coming from Maryland and down here, a tiny bit of snow gets them worked up about driving. I cannot even estimate how much or little snow there will be in Upstate NY in January.

Next stop was the Elks lodge where my mom's friend is the event coordinator. I was a bit nervous going into this (for obvious reasons), but their prices were awesome.. and it was nice that my mom's friend would be out coordinator- I knew we could depend on her. The coordinator's mom who was a chef for years, and taught cooking at a local college, does the cooking for the lodge events, so that was also reassuring.

But, once we saw the place- it was what we feared. We didn't want the wedding to LOOK like we were trying to save money, though we were. There were acoustic ceiling tiles (some popping out), a BINGO sign that did have a screen, vinyl tile floors (in mauve and teal) and it just had the atmosphere of a school gym or cafeteria.

After a brief intermission (for dress shopping!) John and I went to the Carousel Ballrooms at Sterup Square. My mom had already visited here and been in contact with the coordinator. I had seen pictures online, but John hadn't and we just wanted to see it in person. When we got there, someone grabbed the chef for us (even though he was in the middle of prepping for a banquet!) and he walked us through the space, gave us some details, and answered any questions. He was so accomodating- a bit cocky, but he really knew what he was talking about and had a huge attention to detail. After meeting with him, John and I pretty much decided right there, this is where our reception would be.

The first space is a glass room with a bar and cocktail tables. This is where the cocktail hour will take place. The center of the room (where there is a "dance floor" gets set up with a table holding cheeses, veggies, crackers, bread, etc. There are tables and chairs placed around for those who don't want to stand for the hour. Sterup Square has golden mosaic candle holders that we can (and will) use for the tables in this space. I'm also pretty sure that Sterup Square has replaced the chairs in this room since the picture was taken. (Another thing that was awesome about the chef- he is continually trying to update and refresh the space- by our reception, he will have new trees with white lights for the space!)

The second space is the actual ballroom. This picture makes it look a bit more gaudy than I actually like. It is very GOLD. We are going to tone that down with a bunch of red and brown accents. Also, with people in the space, I don't think it will be SO gold. The table linens are ivory napkins on ivory table cloths. We are going to rent red chair sashes that will become table runners. With those, the centerpieces, favors and menus on the tables, the whole look should be less gold.

The far end of the space is where the DJ sets up, and where I assume the cake table will be. There is space outside of the glass room for the guest book table, as well as the table card table. The bathrooms have all been updated and renovated recently. There is a coat closet and a bridal party room. I'm pretty sure they had all of the bases covered. Done and done.

..and I don't think that carousel horse is ACTUALLY in the space.. I hope.

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