Keira Lemonis Photography

Two weeks after getting engaged, John and I went to NY to take care of a bunch of the big wedding things.

First stop- finding a photographer. We didn't even have a reception site yet (though my mom had been doing some scouting for us), but photography is something that is super important to me. I lined up appointments with two photographers for that weekend.

First we met with Keira Lemonis. I saw her work online (after finding her through Craigslist!) and I loved it. Her work is very photojournalistic, while still maintaining the traditional shots. In addition to the awesome pictures, her prices cannot be beat.

After meeting with Keira and getting a bunch of questions answered, we both didn't see a need to meet with the other photographers. Keira is going to be awesome to work with, from what I can tell.

Some of Keira's work:
All credit for the following images go to Keira Lemonis.

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