When we came to deciding on favors, I knew we wanted to do something that would be edible- I hate when we go to weddings and get some little trinket that we won't have anything to do with once we get home, but we can't really throw it out because it was a gift.. I am also not a fan of getting stuff with someone else's name plastered all over it.

We are going to give a little candy box (reminiscent of bakery boxes) of 3 or 4 chocolate chip cookies per guest. The cookies will be wrapped up in kraft tissue paper and folded into the kraft candy box and tied with a red ribbon. Also in the box will be a packet of hot chocolate mix. Hot water will be provided throughout the reception, so people make hot chocolate with their little winter care packages.


The sticker for the inside flap will say, "I went to Samantha & John's wedding and all I got was this box of cookies."

Inside the favor box I will also include a little business card with instructions to upload non-pro pictures to a sharing site:

The nice thing about having cookies as the favor is that we can make them ahead of time, freeze them and then just package them up a couple of days before the wedding & they won't get stale.

My mom is actually going to buy a big ol' tub of cookie dough from Sam's or something and then just plop them on the cookie sheets and bake them. When John and I get to NY in January, we will put them in the boxes and tie them up.

Several of these images are not credited- if they are yours, or you know whose they are please let me know, so that I can give them credit!!

Michelle  – (November 6, 2008 at 12:28 PM)  

The Six.Seven.Eight favor box belongs to me! So glad you found it some help in inspiring your favors. I am assuming you found the picture in my knot bio? Knottie Formerlygood.

Also, the picture below mine with the photo upload card belongs to Knottie Cathleya, also known as Mrs. Penguin on weddingbee.

Happy planning!!

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