Wedding Dress Shopping - Part I

Since our engagement is only 5 months long, I knew I needed to find a dress ASAP so it would have time to be ordered, come in, etc.

Two weeks after we got engaged, I went out shopping with my maid of honor Amanda, and John's mom. There was a bridesmaid dress I had been eyeballing online, and I wanted to see it in person and see if it was as good as I thought. I called up a local shop who carried this brand to confirm that they would have this model in stock so we could see it. She called me back and confirmed (twice!), we made an appointment. I figured while we were there, I would try on some dresses too since they carried a dress designer whose dresses tend to be on the cheaper side.

Davinci 9093

After waiting awhile past store opening and our appointment, the bridal shop lady shows up and lets us in. She has NO idea what dress I'm talking about.. after much searching she lets me know it's not in the store and she "wishes I had told her that's the dress we wanted to see." UGGGHHH. Amanda tried on a few just for kicks. No go.

I got frustrated and we left. We used Amanda's handy dandy GPS to find another bridal store in the area- we ended up with David's since everyone else wanted appointments. I didn't have a bad experience at David's like so many do, but I just didn't find what I was looking for. I thought that I wanted a romantic lacy dress such as:

Random Knottie- sorry!

Whoa- I was wrong. They were so unflattering on me. See the following:

The next dress I actually had on for awhile- John's mom and Amanda both really liked it, but I wasn't sold on it. I didn't like the piece that comes up to a point in the middle and would have wanted to remove that and add the sash that you see. I also wasn't sold on that weird see through part at the top. For the price, there was just too much that I wanted to change.

While I was trying on dresses, Amanda ran out to the floor because when we came in, we saw a dress that was similar to the Davinci dress that I liked. She grabbed it in a light brown color and tried it on. We both really liked it, especially with the ivory wedding dress color that I had decided on.

We decided on this for the bridesmaid dresses. It was past lunchtime, I was tired and cranky. Done and done!

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