To Do..

...this weekend:

-Gocco Amanda's custom notecards
-print Programs sign and attach to basket w/ribbon
-wrap the groomsmen ties and bobbleheads (oh yeah- we went there- custom bobbleheads)
-figure out what is going to NY next week
-make dill dip, bread bowl & veggie sticks to bring to football on Saturday
-try and get the work computer dude to set up my computer so I can work from home during the inauguration
-set up cookie decorating party w/the girls (and maybe the boy cousins) of John's family
-make plans with John's SIL to go to a Rachael Ray book signing
-stain or paint the letters for the church doors

..I feel like there is more, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

Maybe to the above, I should add "teach my cat to stop being so DUMB!" In addition to coming home to this on Tuesday, I did yesterday as well. I had put the paper towels on the kitchen counter and then blockaded the kitchen with the vacuum which Jaq hates! He still walked around it for those dang paper towels.

So, today I put the paper towels in a cabinet. Success! He didn't get them! However- he did discover the TOILET PAPER! Toilet paper was all over my apartment! UGH! I don't know WHAT I'm going to do with him! I'll have to crate him like a dog if he doesn't stop!

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