To-Do So Far..

-Gocco Amanda's custom notecards

*attempted, but it didn't work out- I bought these from Etsy seller sketchesbydms. They will be personalized with Amanda's future name (she's getting married in June!)

-print Programs sign and attach to basket w/ribbon
*done and done

-wrap the groomsmen ties and bobbleheads (oh yeah- we went there- custom bobbleheads)
*The ties are wrapped, but the styrofoam that the bobbleheads were being stored in rubbed off onto their heads and when John tried to clean them off, the foam pealed off the paint! I am going to have to re-paint them on Tuesday night and then wrap them.

-figure out what is going to NY next week
*There is a giant pile by the door. I also want to go Christmas shopping today and wrap presents for my parents so that will be done.

-make dill dip, bread bowl & veggie sticks to bring to football on Saturday
*Done. I forgot to take a picture :(

-try and get the work computer dude to set up my computer so I can work from home during the inauguration
*Waiting (and waiting still) for him to call. He was supposed to call at 12:30 today- its now 3:30 and I have yet to hear from him. I emailed him and haven't heard back yet.

-set up cookie decorating party w/the girls (and maybe the boy cousins) of John's family
*I just wrote to John's mom to see how she thought it would go over.

-make plans with John's SIL to go to a Rachael Ray book signing
*I haven't heard from Liz yet- she should be writing soon I think..

-stain or paint the letters for the church doors
*I think John may stain them while I go Christmas shopping at Target this afternoon..

What else did I do yesterday?
-Print business cards for guests to go in the favors with information on how to upload digital pictures from the wedding.



-Made the stickers that will go on the inside flap of the favor boxes:

The last two projects that I did yesterday were for free! The business cards were made with a pack of perforated cards that I had bought and used when I was applying for jobs. Other than computer ink, thats all that went into that project. The stickers were printed on what remained from the 8.5x11 label paper that I used to make the wraparound labels for the save the dates. Again, the only other material used was printer ink.

The rest of today will include:
-Christmas shopping
-Finish putting back together the living room. It is currently apart so that we can start shuffling things for when I move in.
-Show our friend Marie around because she will be watching/checking in on Jaq while we go to NY for Thanksgiving and the wedding. (Side note- Marie is newly pregnant & Friday went to the ER worried she might be having a miscarriage. The Dr told her that she's not miscarrying- she's having TWINS! Holy cow!)
-Stain the letters for church and add a ribbon loop for hanging purposes.
-Have PIZZA for supper!
-Pack up and head back to my apartment. Ugh.

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