Meetings and meetings..

Whew- we are in NY. We got here on Wednesday afternoon, got our marriage license and then headed over to the DJs to meet with him. That went well.

Thursday morning it was up early to go to downtown Troy (with pretty much everyone else) and wait for my sister to finish the Turkey Trot so we could get us some Brueggers! Everyone came over to my parents house for dinner, so we didn't have to go anywhere- just clean up and watch some football!

Friday (yesterday) started off with my second shower. It was awesome. A bunch of my cousins were all there and I got to meet and hold one of my cousin's new baby! She was so snuggly. My parents got me the red Kitchenaid mixer!! We got so much stuff- it is very overwhelming.

After the shower, my cousin came over and played some violin for us so we could pick stuff for the prelude and processionals.

John and I headed to the cake lady's house and tried us some cake. Nom nom nom. We tried white w/strawberry filling, chocolate w/a Kahlua filling and a Boston creme that she made up for us. They were so good, we decided to go with all three- one for each layer! Since we are also having the chocolate fondue and the favors are chocolate chip cookies, we got less cake than people. Hopefully that doesn't turn out to be a bad decision,

After the cake lady, we headed right over to the flower shop. I loved the florist- she was only a few years older than me and just seemed so artistic/creative. She had some awesome ideas and is very willing to try and help find flowers that will be cheap but still nice. She had the idea of twisting brown branches on the inside of the mason jars so you don't see the stems, but still get a touch of the brown. Yay- I'm excited.

Last night John and I went to his FIRST hockey game ever! I grew up going to hockey and then I played for several years, so I was super glad to bring him to the rink. It was definitely better than he thought it was going to be- hockey on TV is definitely not as good as in person!

Today I tried on my dress! It was too big. Yikes. Luckily, the seamstress got back from vacation today and we are going to skip church in the am so she can check it out and hopefully get a set of alterations done before I come up in December.

We are about to head to the reception site to play around w/table layouts and ask a ton of questions. Then we are headed to another hockey game- college this time. Yay! Wish us luck!

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