I haven't forgotten about this, I promise! There hasn't been much wedding-ness going on recently. After we went home for Thanksgiving and had infinity meetings, everything was pretty much covered.

We still need to:
-print the programs. They are all designed and I have all of the materials- I am just nervous that something in the ceremony will change or something..
-print the menues. I have those all designed as well. I guess I should just bite the bullet and do it eh?
-Design and print little notes/cards/booklets (TBD as of yet..) for the bags with NY goodies for those at the hotels.
-Print and apply the labels for the table cards. (Not yet though- today is our RSVP date & then we will give people another week before harassing them.)
-Create seating chart (see above)

I'm sure there are more and I am just brain farting..

This weekend was spent organizing and cleaning John's apartment to make it ready for all of the junk that will come with me, of course only AFTER we watched the Hokies WIN their third ACC championship!! (3/5 years in the ACC we've won the conference- pretty good eh? There has been the championship game for 4 years, and of those, we've played in it 3 times. Lost once.)

To help in our quest for organization, we first went to IKEA yesterday morning. There we got a new dresser!! Hopefully this will condense our dresser situation. Between the two of us, we currently have 3 dressers. I also got sweet drawer organizers. YES! I love organization!

Following IKEA, we headed to Home Depot (or as John says, "Home on de pot"). There we got two heavy duty (ha duty) storage shelves for the outside storage closet on the deck. The closet was a MESS of stuff just piled all over with no rhyme or reason. I used to dread going out there to get camping equipment or whatever. Really, I wish I had a "Before" picture. Now, the closet is all organized, and as a result, we were able to move some of John's tools and equipment from behind the sofa!! Woo hoo!

What I am probably most excited about though- my new dining room buffet! Ok, so its meant to be a bar, but there are no wine racks- just plain shelves and a couple of drawers even! Its exactly what I was looking for and its so purty! Once this comes in (scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!), I will be able to start putting away some of the shower presents- I plan on storing all of our serving pieces and china in there.

Whew- for not having much to say, apparently I had been storing a lot up this last week...

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