Dill Dip

My cousin has always brought this to every family party & then I promptly do not leave it until it is gone. It probably doesn't help that I am addicted to carbs.

You will need:
1 (16 oz) container of sour crem (I use fat free)
about 1/2 cup of mayonaise
2 tbsp dill weed
4 green onions
1 tsp garlic powder
a shake of salt & pepper
1 sourdough bread round

Various veggies- carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, etc.

1- Combine the above ingredients (except the bread- duh).
2- Cut the center of the bread out to create the bowl. Then cut up the center of the bread into chunks.
3- Cut up your veggies.
4-Plop the dip into the bowl and serve with the bread and veggies!

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