Honeymoon Pt I - Nassau

We went on a Carnival cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. It was 7 days- Sunday to Sunday. We flew out early Sunday after the wedding to Ft.Lauderdale, then took a shuttle to the port at Miami, got on the ship 20 minutes before last call and then we left port around 4:30.

Our first stop was Monday morning at Nassau in the Bahamas. For John's birthday, I bought him an excursion to go on a catamaran sail and snorkeling on a reef.

We have a few pictures and the rest are on an underwater disposable camera that we haven't gotten developed yet.

The Atlantis resort from the catamaran.
As you can see from the sky, the weather was a bit touch & go.

The dock. Our ship is the biggest, second from the right.

Our boat a little closer up. Our room is on this side, the second row of balconies from the top deck.

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