Family Pictures

Following the group pictures, we ushered in our families for pictures with them. We stuck to immediate families and grandparents. Our parents were both hoping for extended family pics, but we were running short on time and I wanted people to get to the cocktail hour! We told them that they could have their extended family pictures at the reception.

We ran into these two little girls on the way inside from the outside pictures. I babysat them since the older one was just born until I moved away for school. They would have been our flower girls if we had some :) We didn't have kids at the reception (besides John's 4 younger cousins 7-14ish, and a newborn), but these two (and a couple more I think) came to the service and then went home before the reception.

Miss Rebecca isn't quite sure what to make of this..

I am so not good at smiling on command and the posed pictures (as I'm sure you saw in the group pictures..).. the action/candid shots are way more my style. We had to do some posed and formal shots though, so you will notice me trying hard to smile in these..

Us with our parents and grandparents.

Us with our parents, grandparents, siblings and their wives.

John and I with my parents, sister and grandparents.

John and I with my parents.

Us with John's parents, grandparents, brothers and SILs.

John and I with his parents.

And there you go.. the few posed pictures that I didn't NOT like enough to post. There are a few more, but I'm making goofy faces in them, or they are just posed funny.

The rest of the pictures are way better, but of course they are not as posed..

All pictures by Keira Lemonis.

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