Last Night..

What I did last night has to do with the above.

I haven't done it in about 5 years.. before that I did it 3-4 times a week for 5 years. I couldn't do it anymore when I went to Virginia Tech. I missed it a LOT.

Yes.. I played HOCKEY!!

John thought it was necessary to document the event by bringing our new camera and acting like a mom with their kid going to their first day of school..

Leaving the apartment..

Getting ready..

John found out about some hockey club that is through his work. Its just a bunch of people who get together once a week for a pick-up game, but I figured it would get me back into it and give me some good exercise. If nothing else, it is good training to get back in shape..

I was SO nervous beforehand. I hadn't played in so long and before last Sunday, I hadn't even been on my skates in a couple of years.. I didn't know what the skill level was going to be of these players and how seriously they would be taking the game..

As it turns out, I had fun. I fell pretty much in the middle of the skill level, so I didn't feel bad when I messed up or whatever. It really was pickup though... I felt like we were chickens running around with our heads cut off- no real positions, just people going wherever they felt like. I hadn't ever really played non-competitively, so this was a big change for me..

I am pretty sure I will keep going back for the rest of this season. In the fall I will check with the local rink about their women's league, which would be more competitive. I need to check what time they play and how often it is every week.. Since my commute is so long, I can't play if it is too early. :( We'll see......
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