The First Dance

After we finished the formal pictures at church (just John, Keira and I at this point), came the most stressful part of my day..

John and I had to rush to my parents house to pack up all of my stuff- what was going on the cruise with us and separate it from what needed to go back to MD... It was awful- trying to think of everything that I had there and where it all needed to go... Of course I was in my dress and trying to rush around with that on was not easy. We were already short on time and it was so stressful.

When I sat in the car to go from the house to the reception, I heard a huge "riiiip" and all of a sudden I could breathe so much better.

Turns out, my zipper stayed zipped, but pretty much the entire back of my dress ripped along the zipper.. Sweet.

When we got to Sterup Square, I put on my jacket and held up my dress. I rushed into the back "bridal" room while John went into the cocktail hour to find my mom. We weren't really supposed to go in there, so our big entrance would be into the reception. When John entered the cocktail hour, I heard a big cheer and giggled to myself- they would start wondering before too long where I went to :-P

John grabbed my mom and she grabbed her friend who is an awesome seamstress (she made my prom dress once!). They came into the little room and we busted out the sewing kit from my aunt's sweet bridal emergency kit. My mom's friend got to work & sewed me into the dress.

By the time I got sewed into the dress, the guests had all headed into the reception/ballroom, so I snuck into the cocktail hour room and tried to get some snacks... those jerks had eaten all my precious cheese!

While in the cocktail hour room, the DJ came in to confirm a bunch of details with John and I. Then we lined up for the entry!

First up were my parents:

John's parents were second:

Tiffani and Ben:

Crystal and John's brother David:

My sister Rebecca and John's brother Michael:

Maid of Honor Amanda with Best Man Justin:
And... The Mr. and Mrs.!

From the entry, John and I went into our first dance- "You and Me" by Kenny Chesney.

John and I talked and giggled the whole time.. mostly wondering if the dance was over yet :-P At one point, John told me he was going to do a spin.. I really didn't want to because I was afraid of falling on my behind in front of everyone... He did it anyway. I didn't fall!

All pictures by Keira Lemonis Photography.

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